Monday, August 29

Take me out to the Ballgame

YEA, Im so excited.  I got to take the kids to their first Ranger game.  I know they dont 'get it' but they had fun anyway.

Its been unbearable hot here, I think were going on day 55 or something like that of temps 100 and over. You walk outside and you instantly sweat, sexy I know.   I was worried how hot it would be for the kids so I figured we wing it and just see how they do.

Luckily, our seats were in shade, under an awning (is that what its called).  Even tho we were in shade, it was still hot and humid as hell.  The kids did not seem to notice

She stood the majority of the game.

He sat (when he wasnt playing the drums on the chair)

He pulled his glasses down to get a better view,

He drank lots of water

And she takes after me with a lemon (well strawberry) chill.  I cant go to the game and not get one

He cheered the Rangers on.

And she attempted to share her treat.

She kept yelling "Yea football, yea football"  I had to correct her by saying its baseball.  Shed tilt her had and say "Baseball mommy?  Yea Baseball"

Around the 7th inning, it was 10 PM and it was still 100 degrees.  They were done, I was tired and covered in sweat.

They had a blast, but her face told me it was time to go.

And he didnt make it out of the parking lot before passing out.

Im sure this is the first of many games that I will be taking them too.  Despite the heat, they did great.  No tears, no tantrums.

Note to self, bring more snacks  :)

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