Monday, August 8

I will never....

Before you have kids, you think you know everything.  I would always say, if that was my kid Id beat the crap out of them or oh no way my kid will ever act that way.   I would also say, look I dont know anything, I dont have kids, but I do know a thing or too, its kind of common sense.

We have all said it. 
When I have kids, I will never do XYZ.  For example.....

I will never co-sleep with my kids.  I kept to this.  For the first month, they slept in the pack-play in our room.  After that first month, they were in their own room, in their own cribs.On the rare occasion, I would feed them, fall asleep but then Id wake, realize what I did and put them back to bed.  Now am I saying they will never sleep with me if they have a nightmare or if its once in a blue moon? No, but I refuse to have a 6-yr old in bed with me because that is what they know.

I will never baby talk.  I goo-gooed and gah-agahhd for a min.  Then I would snap out of it and realize I sound like a retard.  I talk to my kids like I talk to anyone else, like a person.

I will not use a pacifier.  Lets face it, it happens.  Cole is the only one who used one since Elyse's thumb was attached to her face when she was tired.  Good thing though, he only used it when he slept.  The day he turned 1, they all went in the trash.  No exceptions.  He did not need it and it was not a big deal.

I will never cook 2 separate meals for the kids.  I need routine.  The kids need routine.  Because of this, they eat as close to 630 as possible.  If dinner that Im making isnt ready, grilled cheese and veggies it is.  I dont feel bad about it for one minute.  Now if dinner is ready, they eat what I eat.  If they dont want it, they dont eat.  When they get up from the table, I ask if they are finished.  If they say yes, the plate is gone. So do I make 2 meals, yes, more than I like to admit but at least they eat and dont ask for separate meals.  (IE going to 4 drive-thrus to get what everyone wants..EFF THAT , you eat where we go or you dont eat, simple as that)

I will never ignore screams.  Ahh, this is tough.  There is a difference in screams and if you have a kid you know what I mean.  If I hear that I go running.  If its not one of 'those' screams, I tune it out.  I have no problem letting them throw a fit on the floor. People look at me like Im crazy but hey , my kid isnt screaming bloody murder in the store (eeek yet)

I will not curse in front of my kids.  I should have known that wouldnt happen.  Im a sailor and drop F-Bombs all the time.  I really need to quit it, I have2 parrots that follow me everywhere. That and its embarrassing when I stub my toe in public and all I hear from the cart is "Oh Shit, mommy you ok?" 

I will not let the TV babysit my kids.  I dont have a problem with TV.  I love TV.  I do have a problem with parents who plant the kids in front of it for hours upon hours so they dont have to deal with them.  Do I do it?  Sure.  Ill pop in Dora or a Elmo movie so I can finish dinner or do the dishes or some other mundane chore that has to be done and I need them away for a few.  When thats done, we go play.  I dont use it as a 8-hour babysitter, just 20 minutes here and there.  Thats ok right?

I will not give my kids candy.  For the first year, I stuck to this.  No sweets.  I got so mad at my mom one time for giving them a sip of a shake that I cried. It was my rule and I didnt want it broken.  Since then, they eat candy.  They eat ice cream.  They eat cake.  They eat it all, but in moderation and not every day. If they eat all of their dinner, why cant they have (literally) a spoonful of ice cream?  They dont get it daily so I dont see the harm.  Im not gonna lie, M&Ms are great bribes, so are snow cones.  :)

Anyway, we all have said it in the past.  When I have kids, blah blah blah.  Reality is, you really dont have a clue what you will and wont do until you have kids.  Ive stuck to my guns but have loosened the grip.  Im sure there is someone out there who will give me a disapproving look but oh well. All I can do is do the best I can and hope I dont screw up to much.

What are some things that you said youd never do?


  1. I have a feeling I'll be breaking some of my own rules when my now-6 month old baby boy gets older. I, too, said no to bedsharing, and other than a couple naps when he was a newborn, I've stuck to it. We also say he won't have soda or sugary drinks until he's like 6, but let's face it - he'll probably taste Coke before then. He has grandparents who love to spoil him!

    I guess that in parenting, as with everything else, you live and learn and you find out what works for you. :)

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  3. Love it! Wish my sister (kidless so far) would read it - sometimes I want to yell, "Yeah, that's what I thought too! JUST WAIT!" Great blog! New Follower from the Totally Tuesday Blog Hop! Stop on by -

  4. Isn't it funny how much life changes after a little one is introduced? Ours is only 15 months so she hasn't disrupted the household completely, but she's totally a toddler and I'm really enjoying every minute of it.