Friday, October 28

Dallas Arboretum

If you are in the Dallas area, I highly suggest that you visit the Dallas Arboretum and its fall festival.  It is filled with castles made out of pumpkins and pumpkins are everywhere.  I finally decided to take the kids since they are 2 and 'get it' and understand what a pumpkin is.  I do believe that this will be a yearly event for us.

When we first got there, the kids went CRAZY when they saw all the pumpkins.  The decided to climb the mounds and mounds of pumpkin piles.

Yes she is wearing a lei, in October, at a pumpkin patch.

I love how she is concentrating so much in this one.

She got to the top and yelled "I did it mom, all by myself"

He slowly got up there just as she took off down the hay stacks.  And he clapped for himself.

Then it was time to pick pumpkins.  We were not buying them there, but it was fun none-the-less.
They searched and searched, looking for the most perfect pumpkin.

Cole kept going after the big ones.

And Elyse soon followed.

 They finally decided on a 'normal' sized pumpkin to lug around the rest of the day.

But she soon made the decision that just one wasnt enough. 


  1. Looks like you had a great time! We always enjoy doing the pumpkin patch in the fall :)

  2. Those photos of them, particularly the ones with lots of pumpkins, are darling.

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