Friday, October 7

Ill sick Cole on you

Siblings argue.
Siblings fight.
Siblings get on each others nerves.

Siblings play.
Siblings love.
Siblings stick up for one another.

At least mine do.  This does happen with all brother/sisters right?  Or is it a twin thing.  Either way, I have to share what happened at the park.  If I would have know what was going to happen, I would have taken out my camera and videoed it.  Unfortunately, I didnt so I hope I can write this well enough so you can picture it.

Let me set this up for you.  We walked into the park like we always do.  By walk, I mean Cole took off and Elyse runs after him yelling "Wait for me Wait for us" as she turns to me to tell me to hurry up.  This particular park is all gated in so I can sit in the middle and have my eye on both of them at the same time.  This makes it VERY easy to manage 2 2 year olds that wont sit still.  I digress.

On this day, a little boy was having a birthday and his mom brought cupcakes.  If I had to guess, he was 7.  His friends, 3 of them, were about the same age, if I guess 5-7-ish.  This detail is important for later.

The kids went on about their way climbing, sliding, laughing, and running a muck.  Thats when they found the sand pit.  Off they went, sitting in the sand, throwing the sand at each other, laughing and yelling at me "Mommy I build a castle, a castle mommy"  I sat and watched and giggled.

She then found a sand shovel.  You know the ones that you take to the beach that look like a giant fork?  Thats it.  Elyse kept saying looking at the fork, "To build my castle."  Cole laughs.  They were entertained.

What I have not mentioned is that when they went to the sand, the group of boys followed and began burying who knows what about 10 feet from the kids.  At this point, when both kids were COVERED in sand, the oldest of the boys walked over and asked Elyse nicely if he could use the shovel.  The nice and loving child that she is said "Yes" and handed him the shovel.  Now Im not sure what went through her head, maybe that he would give the shovel right back or he just wanted to look at it, but when he stepped away, she was heart broken.  She did not make a sound.  Her tiny head dropped, her lip pushed so far out I thought she might trip on it, she turned and sat with her back to the boys and with the look of defeat written all over her face.

She never cried.
She didnt say a word.

Without speaking, Cole, who was watching the entire time, slammed his hand down and jumped up.  The only way I can describe this is he thought "Oh hell no, hell no your not going to mess with my sister"  Imagine.  A 2 year old slamming his arms and stomping to the bigger boys.  He walked, well stomped, to the group of boys (remember ages 6-7 if I had to guess) pointed his finger at them and yelled very loudly "You give back shovel her right now, right now" 

I said loudly enough for him and the other boys and Im sure their parents to hear "Cole its ok, we can share"

Cole then said not as loudly "Ok...Peeeeeeeease give shovel back"

This 7 year old had no idea what to do.  He slowly handed the shovel back to Cole and backed up slowly.  Cole then walked the shovel back to Elyse and handed it to her.

You would thought he gave her a giant cookie.  Seriously, that smile went from ear to ear and she said "Thank you Cole" and patted his shoulder.

They all sat and continued to play happily.

Never will I have to worry about someone picking on her or hurting her.  Shes got Cole.

This is normal, right?
All siblings do this right?
Is it just a twin thing?

Either way, Im glad he has her back.


  1. Oh my goodness... This made me emotional... That is so awesome!!!! Go Cole!!!

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  3. I'm your newest follower from the blog hop. Hope to see you at
    By the way, just love your post. Cole is my superhero.

  4. Oh my goodness! That is the BEST story! Your kids are going to love reading that when they're older. My girls are not so good at standing up for one another, but my 3-year-old son is great a protecting his 1-year-old brother, unless he's the one picking on him. :)

  5. Amazing story! It is always so cool to me to hear about siblings sticking up for one another. We are always the first to start something with, but also the first to stand up for one another.

  6. sweet story. Mine have each others back too. Last year in k4, My two boys cornered a kid who was being mean to their sister.