Tuesday, October 4

Working at the car wash.....

My car is a disaster.  It has the kids artwork everywhere in pieces, she thinks its hilarious to rip up her papers (If I want to save them, I have to hide them) , cans, straw wrappers, crumbs, ughghgh, you name its in there.  Anyway the outside wasnt so bad until I took the trash out.  I threw it on the back of the car to get it to the dumpster.  Well guess what, it leak.  Garbage goo everywhere.  So off to the drive thru car wash we went.

The kids have never driven through a car wash before but I figured it wouldnt matter.  Boy was I wrong.

When it started, they both of them just stared out the window saying "Whats that mommy?"

The washing thing would go the front and she would yell "Mommy is it all done" Id say no and she got scared.

Then when he saw that she got scared, he got scared.

You cant really tell, but they both had a dead scare on their faces like they just saw a ghost and he was gripping on to his car seat for dear life.   The bad mommy I am, I had to laugh.  Then it went from being scared to being in terror.

She was not happy.

Again, I giggled.

Bad Mommy.


  1. What a cute and sweet blog post! They are so cute!
    Just followed through the Tuesday Blog Hop!
    Love your blog. Have a great day!
    Mary Ellen

  2. Hello following you from the hop look forward to reading your posts
    hope you will stop bye and visit me

  3. Hah, I was tempted to take my 11 month old through a car wash but now I'm thinking maybe not yet...