Tuesday, October 18

Whats in your purse?

At some point I came across this post and decided it would be fun to share what was inside my purse.  Do you remember me telling you how the kids have purses?  Well they have graduated to 'real' purses.  Yes, Cole still calls it a purse.

You may recognize their 'purses' from Dora the Explorer and Diego.  She calls hers her pink purse and he calls his Cole's Chocolate Purse.  It is not brown, it is chocolate. Dont try to argue with them, you will not win. 

Ok now for the insides.

Here is what my bag contains:
Camera case, extra keys with store cards, bills to shred/pay, coupon binder, wallet, mini briefcase gift card holder, Sudoku book, coupons that have not been filled yet, mascara, Young Living Deep Relief rub on oil, 2 bottles of fingernail polish, 2 bottles of lotion, 2 tubes of chapstick, Marti Gras beads, Rangers Ticket stubs, work badge, wrist band from mud run, plastic golf ball, shampoo-conditioner sample, fruit snacks, Gerber Puffs (as the kids call them, my stars, my stars), kid cup, car charger, Destin, Elyse arm medicine, 2 diapers, and wipes.

Sad part is, I just cleaned this baby out.  :(

Coles Chocolate 'Purse'
His Coookie (a paper weight he jacked from my desk at work, no clue why he calls it a cookie), Mickey Mouse Dvd paper, stickers and his sunglasses.

Elyses Purse, which only holds what a girl needs.
Her stuffed Hula Minnie Mouse, Purple beads, sunglasses and a camel.  Yes a camel.

So whats in your purse?  Anything Shocking?

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  1. I am new here, from the blog hop!
    I think your blog is so cute, aptly named!
    OY! You should be proud of what's in your purse! I don't have toddlers, (much less 2!), and my purse is a disaster...no WAY would I post what crawls out of it!
    I am your newest follower, would love for you to follow me back!