Thursday, October 6

Lets Do Art

Its completely normal for 2 year olds to like art right?  I mean REALLY like art.  Anything to do with coloring, drawing, using chalk or painting my kids are down for it.  The get very mad when I tell them its time to put things up. 

I needed something for my bathroom walls.  They are white and boring and driving me crazy.  I went to Hobby Lobby and found that canvases and paints were on sale.  Light bulb.  The kids could paint some art for the walls.  It will be cheap and they will love it.

I changed them both into extra large shirts and put them on a tarp in the back yard so they wouldnt get paint everywhere. 

They waited patiently for me to give them paint.

And once I gave some, they jumped right in and began their masterpieces.

They dipped a couple of fingers in the paint and yelled done.  No way were they done.  I grabbed some potatoes and cut them in shapes to get them to paint more to the canvas. They went nuts.

He just took a bite and said "Its yucky Mommy"  I told him to keep painting because he was doing such a good job, so he did.

She stayed pretty clean except for her hands and a little bit on her face.

He was much more messy, which is a change.
Any one want a kiss?

Here are the finished pieces.

Hers is on top, His on bottom.
I think they did great and it will match the bathroom perfectly.

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  1. That's great art! And yes the children here never want to pick up art supplies.
    I just bought a blue tarp like that for painting outside! :)