Monday, October 10

Elmo is Minnie's Mom?

Who knew, I sure didnt.  While in the car, the kids take one item with them.  I try to get them to bring it back it, but lets face it, that always doesnt happen.  Cole usually grabs his bunny book or whatever else he is completely attached to that day (remember the car from here and here and everywhere else he took that thing?)  Anyway, we were driving in the car and this is what I hear from the back seat:

Elyse : You give Elmo high five
Cole : Ok
Elyse :  Good job, now Minnie do it.
Elyse : YEA You did it Minnie, you give Elmo hug now
Elyse : You best friends
Me : Who are best friends?
Elyse : No, Elmo is mom
Me : Who's mom?
Elyse : Minnies mom, see go night night

I turn around and they are both facing downward in her lap.  Cole then says Night Night and Elyse says Shhh, the mom and baby are sleeping.

You see the resemblance dont you?
Minnie Mouse pics

Its uncanny how much they look alike.  HAHAHA

Well I think Elyse thinks that any 2 toys are best friends or mom and baby.  Dont believe me?

I was told they were friends and the baby was reading her baby giraffe a story,

And then to shh so they could sleep because thats what friends do.

Yes, my 2 year old shhhed me.


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