Thursday, December 23

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells

Let me toot my own horn for a minute.
I am not a fast runner.  I don’t even consider myself a runner.  Last night, I was informed differently.  I was told if you run, you’re a runner.  So Ill admit it, Im a runner, but not a fast one.
Every year in Dallas, there is a 5k run, Jingle Bell Run , that goes around downtown, sorta.  I thought, why not.  My last 5k , in July,  my time was 33-something.  I set a goal.  Under 30 minutes and Ill be stoked.
I ran with guys at work to hope to keep my pace up. One of them is fast, even if he says hes not.  I decided to stay with him to pace me.  And by stay with him, I mean chase after him the whole race.
So we ran.
I missed the first mile marker and kept thinking “I know were not going that slow”  The next thing I knew we turned the corner and the 2nd mile marker was in site, right at 20 minutes.  (We crossed the start line after the clock started so I knew we were making good time)
Then I smelled food, we have to be close.
Then I saw the end and I took off.
When I crossed the finish line , I was hoping for 29:29.
I looked at the watch,
That’s right.  I beat my previous time by 5 MINUTES.
To  a lot of people that’s not fast, to me it is.  I can only hope to get to under 27 minutes one day.  For now, Ill be proud of what I finished with.

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