Tuesday, April 19

Warrior Dash

This weekend I became a warrior.  If you have never heard of Warrior Dash, its something you should really look into.  This is 5k (3.24 miles) with obstacles and you end up covered in mud. Its so.much.fun.

Im using the term race loosely because we did not race.  We did this for fun and had fun with it.  It began by making you walk, tread, across water.  So cold, so much fun.  You then run down a path , which is pure mud by this point, trying not to fall.  No luck, we rode people down the hill, literally.  You then run through a haunted town and leap over cars and make your way to the barricades.  You jump over the barricades, Im short, so I literally had to jump to get over them.  After that, came the wall.  The wall, oh how I hate you.

 I have a confession, I scared of heights.  Not your normal fear, I have paralyzing fear.  My hear starts racing, my knees buckle, and I panic.  I got to the top of the wall with no issues but then panicked.  My knees buckled as I slowly climbed down. It was NOT fun. 

From there, you run to balance boards that you run across.  I did it, slowly, but I did it without falling.  I shook the whole time, even if I was only 5 ft from the ground.  (Im telling you fear)  You run to the rope maze, I guess thats what you call it.  You weave your way through the ropes to get through to the next challenge. 

Then enters blackout.  You have to crawl in darkness to get through.  Luckily, Im short so I just bent and got through it quickly.  Crossover was easy.  Its a rope wall horizontal that you could walk on beams.  Next was climbing over hay bells, which I tripped and landed knee high in hay.  HILLAROUS I tell you. 

My fear began to take over as I saw the next obstacle.  Rope wall.  You climb up, and climb down.  I got to the top with no issues, again.  When I had to jump over the top rail, my chest tightened.  I think this is the closest thing to a panic attack I could have had.  I got down, which seemed like it took forever, and my chest loosened.

Back in the water we went as we jumped over logs.  Im 5'1" so I leaped over them all as graceful as a fish out of water.  Thats were we found a mud pit. This was not part of the race, per say.  Apparently we were not muddy enough, so in the mud we went.  Well 2 in the group went and the mud started flying.  Do you see what I mean about not being a race race?

We leaped over fire, literally, and approached the finish line where the final mud pit was located.  If we werent dirty yet, no doubt wed be covered in minute.  The guy on the mic wanted us to jump and splash but I dont know how deep it was so I stepped in.


And face planted.

With my mouth wide open.

Mud went everywhere and the crowd cheered.  It was glorious.    When exiting the mud pitt, we dashed to the finish line where we got our medal and took a picture.

Do you notice around my eyes there is no mud?  Yea, I kept my glasses on when I dove in the mud.  Not the smartest thing I did that day, but I didnt lose them.  Also, please excuse my I-think-I-have-to-take-a-dump look.

What was the end time?
I laugh but it was all for fun who cars how long it took.

If you ever get a chance to participate in one of these, I highly recommend it.  I am doing another in a few weeks.  Im thinking Jailbreak will be just as fun, but we will cover that more later on.

In the meantime, Im still digging mud out of my ears.


  1. I have been wanting to do this for a few years! I was in the Army for 13 years and used to be in amazing shape... killed the knee... been rehabbing it for 5 years and am now ready to start (slowly) building back up to this kind of FUN! You are my hero for doing this!!! Awesome!

  2. OMG you are awesome! A friend of mine did her first one a few weeks ago and I am committed to trying one, too! WAY to go, you ROCK!