Monday, March 28

My First Half

I have never claimed that I am a runner.  My way of thinking has changed.

Over the last few months, since January, I have been training for my first half marathon.  I paid for it in December, and if you know me, I will not waste money so there was no turning back.  Its been a long road.  From being bored on the treadmill, a smaller race to see where I stood, new distances I ran, sicknesses, other woman issues, its been a long few months.  I slacked, I ran, I was nervous.

I pushed my nervous thoughts out of my head and just said to myself, quit worrying, you can do this.  My nerves faded.  The came Saturday.  I went to pick up my packet. 
I saw the sign and my stomach flipped.  For whatever reason, it became real at that moment.  I just about puked, in front of everyone.  I got my packet, which included and awesome shirt that I will defiantly be running in soon, and started to look around.  I have mentioned that my hair is out of control.  It gets humid and my little hairs sprout out everywhere.  Its thin so bobby pins dont help.  I NEED headbands.  Here's the problem, they dont stay in place.  I dont know how many I have bought but Im pretty sure I could do the hair of a small orphanage. I have tried them all. Anyway, I found a booth that was selling one that 'would not move'  Guess what?  IT NEVER MOVED OFF MY HEAD  My fly-aways stayed put the entire race.  This headband is the best thing I could have bought.  If your in need of one, check it out.  Its pricey for a headband, but its worth every cent. 

Sunday morning, I was woken up at 5 by Elyse yelling "Mommy, Mommy, its scary"  I didnt want to mess with it so I brought her to bed with me (dont judge)  She sat up and played until my alarm went off at 545 in which she decided to dance on the bed.  Love her. 

I loaded up my pile that I laid out the night before and headed downtown.  I got about 3 miles from the house and realized I left my phone, my bib, and the directions.  I turned around.  When I got downtown the exits were closed (the ones THEY told us to take to park) so I drove in circles trying to figure out where to go.  I ended up in a parking lot and walked to city hall.  Music was blaring and the butterflies came back. Thats when I realized my chip was in my front seat.  I RAN back to the car, bumped my head on the door and grabbed my chip and RAN back.  It was NOT a good morning. 

Once I got back to start area, I saw my mom.  Mrs Picture Happy, that I probably wont get until next year, started taking pictures.  Its a good thing because I left my camera.  I can run with my phone, not a camera.  I ate a banana, drank some water, and ate some sport beans.  We waited for our corral to get to the start line.  More pictures, more butterflies.  Just before our countdown, I got this shot:
Notice the headband?  Do you see me clinching?  Im nervous but ready to get started.  Its go time.

The first 8 miles was uphill.  It didnt look that bad on paper but it was NOT what I was expecting.  Heres the rundown.

Mile 1-3
It was cake.  I was smiling and zoning out and getting into a groove.

Mile 4-6
I was right on pace.  At 4 miles, I was 42 minutes, at 5 I was 53 minutes at 10k mark I was at 1:06.  My thought was "Must pick it up, must pick it up"  "Get to 8, Get to 8"

Mile 7
Oh mile 7, how I loathe you.  There was a big hill but I kept pushing to keep my time.  Then POP.  My hip popped, out of place.  Not like broke it but it was a definite pop.  I had no choice to be slow to a walk and get it back in place.  Im not sure how far, just that it was about one song long, but I know it was before mile 8 marker.  I got it back it place and picked it back up again.

Mile 8
From this point on, the course was down hill.  I was so happy for this and got myself to zone out.

Have you ever heard of a runner's high?  Ive never had one.  At this point I did.

Mile 9-12
I honestly dont remember anything.  I remember seeing the times and thinking Im going to finish between 2:15 and 2:30.  I remember nothing else, except when I started to cry.  I hit mile mark 12, and tears came out.  I have never run 12 miles at once.  Something came over me and the tears just came out.  It was the BEST feeling that I cant even put it into words.

At this point, I picked it up a little bit. Part because I was crying, part I wanted to finish strong, and part I just wanted to be done to say I did it.

The crowds cheered and a UT band was playing, I sped up.

I crossed the finish line with what I thought was 2:23.  (We were corral 10 and started about 20 minutes after the clock started so I was estimating)  I got my medal and guess what?  Thats right, I cried some more.

Officially, my over times looked like this:
Pace 11:06
5k 32:26
10k 1:06:40
10 mile 1:51:08
Chip Time 2:25:20

I was a little off, but close enough.
I did it.
With tears, but I finished.

I AM a runner and I couldnt be happier.


  1. OMG, congrats!!!! I love the runners high!!! I ran my first race {5K} last June and mile 1 and 2 were fine, but the last mile was uphill and into the sun. All I could think about was, "not pucking".... But when it was done I felt so GOOD!!! 5K in 35 mins flat. And I didn't train I just signed up and ran.

  2. awesome you ROCK!!! im so jealous i am by no means a runner, i mean like run to the mail box and i would probably die ;) but one of my life goals, bucket list whatever you want to call it is to do a marathon, and the hood to coast! great job!

    Hugs & loves, Ariel