Thursday, July 28

Big Kid Beds

Ive been going back and forth for awhile debating on whether or not to move to kids to toddler beds.  They do not climb out of the cribs, unless there is something next to it that they can pull themselves over the top, so I didnt see any rush to move them.

Then it dawned on me.  They are 27 months old.  Its time.  What was I waiting for?  Reality is, I wasnt ready.  They can open doors and I didnt want them coming in and out all night when they should be sleeping.  So I made the decision, toddler beds it is. 

Luckily my mom is fantastic about finding things for SUPER cheap.  I told her I needed bedding of some sort for the new beds but didnt want to spend $50 on them.  (Seriously, its a toddler bed, why is it so much?)  Anyway, within days she found sets for both kids for $7, no Im not kidding, shes that good.  These included the sheets, pillow cases and the comforter.  I had no more excuses.

Out came the beds.  I set up their room to reflect a 'big kid' room which included the beds, table, puzzles, drive thru McDs set up and the buckets full of all the other randomness. It was time.

I walked them both to their room and said "Look, you have big kid beds now"  You would have thought Santa himself was there.  Cole ran, I mean literally ran to his bed yelling "WHOAAAAAAA, bisquit-ball, soco ball, MY BEEEEEEEEEEED" and then began to jump on it.  I let him, its only a few inches from the floor, he cant hurt himself that much can he?  Elyse did the same, "Whoaaaaaaaaa, pretty flowers, flowers on my bed with allllllllllllllll my stuff"   

Now at this time, it is only about 5 o'clock.  Their bedtime is between 730/8 depending on how long bath time takes.  Anyway, they both nudged me out of the room saying "Mommy we got night night, we go night night"  I walked out.  After about 10 minutes of silence, I peaked in the room.

Both kids were laid in their beds and covered by their blankets.  Cole was reading and Elyse was pretending to snore.  She saw me and began to giggle and say "Mommy, go night night, go night night"

That night, they only came out of the room once and slept the entire night in their OWN beds.

Last night same thing.  I went to check on them and I had to take a picture.

Hes cradling his coffee cup and keeps Scout close.

She HAS to have EVERY baby and bear she owns to sleep.

At least they sleep,
In their OWN beds.


  1. So cute. My girls have the same sheets. :-). We never did toddler beds, just went straight to twins (BTW, for future money-saving... Buy a bunk of Craigslist and separate into two twins... Always cheaper than 2 twin beds).

  2. Too cute!

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    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. My daughter also wanted all her stuffed toys beside her when she sleeps but since we co-sleep it's too crowded. I let her choose just one :)

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    The Twerp and I

  4. New follower here from the blog hop! :-) Would love to have you follow me back! :-) I love you blog! :-) Wow twins!! How fun and what a challenge! Always thought twins would be fun!