Thursday, July 7


Maybe it is becaue I was a waiter for sooooooooo long that tipping is second nature.  If you wait on my, unless you are a complete moron, you will get 20% from me. It is very rare that I only tip 15% but it happens, some people are just rude and shoudlnt even get that but I know you pay rent with what I give you so Ill write the 15%.  A complete douche will get 10% and I have only NOT tipped once or twice.  Long story but to sum it up, she was lucky I didnt walk the check.  Sorry, I digress.

Why are there tip jars EVERYWHERE?  For example, Starbucks.  I LOVE Starbucks.  At $5 a cup, do I need to tip you to make it?  Would I tip the cashier at McDonalds?  Hairdresser, food delivery, watiresses, I get it, tip.  Hell, you better tip.  But for me to tip you to do your job would be like me asking for a tip everytime I answered the phone.  Umm, thats part of my job, no tip nessecary.  It just doesnt make sense to me, or Im that cheap, Im not sure.

Ok Im off my rant.

Whats my point?  When I made my list, I tried to think of things that I wouldnt normally do.  This is where I came up with #92, Tip 100%  Now this maybe sound easy for some, but as I have mentioned, Im super cheap.  If the bill is $25, I will tip minium of $5 but to tip $25, yea not so sure about that (with the exception when a freiend is the bartender and 95% of my drinks are not charged, then yes I tip WAY too much but its give and take)  Even if the bill is $10, I still will second guess it all to tip 100%, did I mention Im cheap?

So here it is, my tip of 100%

Yes the bill is 4.33
Yes I tipped 4.67
Yes technically that is 108%, watch out big baller over here.

Its a step to lessen my cheapness, one way or another.
And in the mean time, I got another checked off my list.


  1. well its lovely and i would not mind waiting on you.

  2. as a person who worked in a restaurant, I always make sure I tip really well (unless the server is really rude and unfriendly!)
    following you from BMBF