Tuesday, July 5

Baby Youre a Firework

Happy Belated 4th of July.  Im assuming everyone did what we did it and went to watch fireworks.  These little buggers WOULD NOT SIT STILL until the show began.

Before they started, I loaded them down with snacks.  Our bag was filled with goldfish, watermelon, PB&J sandwiches, grapes and lemon Ade and it was attempt to distract the two of them until things got started.

Grapes were first.  Cole figured out to rip the grapes off of the vine before eating them, Elyse just shoved the whole stem in her mouth.

I believe that she has about 10 in her mouth, dont worry, I was very close in case they choked.

We then watched the planes.  They looked like they were watching a tennis match as they pointed and yelled "Mommy plane, plane mommy"

When the plane would dip out of sight, I would ask "Where did the plane go?"  In which Elyse would say "In the tree mommy, in the tree"

She really is momma's girl  :)

The fireworks began and the two of them didnt flinch.  Can you see his concentration? 

On another note, have you heard of raver kids?  You know people going to a rave with glow sticks and ...ummm...extra activities to heighten their senses?  Well, Elsye is practicing  :-\  She took her necklace and was waving it insanely while dancing and yelling "PRETTY , IM PRETTY "

When the fireworks were done, they cheered, literally.  As loud as they could "HOO-RAY, TADA, TADA YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA FIREWORKS HOOOOOOOOOOOO-RAY"  And as we walked back the car Elyse shared the following, "Bye bye fireworks, you beautiful, bye bye fireworks, nite nite fireworks"


  1. Looks like they both had a great time at the fireworks show! Adorable kids :)

  2. They are so cute! This is the first time I've heard of raver kids. But your kids are adorabl! :)

    Spanish Pinay