Monday, July 18

Potty Training, Round 1

Ive read everything I can about potty training, but Im stuck.  The books say wait unit the child is ready.
- Able to pull pants up and down, check
- Able to tell you when he/she has gone, check
- Able to follow directions, check
- Able to identify body parts, check
- Interested in the potty, check
- Holding bladder for 3-4 hours, check
- Excited about big girl panties, check

Simply enough right?  Elyse is no doubt ready but shes so stubborn.  She will say "Momma, pee, pee" and run to the bathroom.  She will then sit down, grunt, and say "All done" and run away.  On a VERY rare occasion she will go in the potty and she gets SUPER excited, we dance, she gets a Twizzler and we move on. 

I have also read that not to start or push potty training when changes are happening.  Its best to let the child go at their own speed.  Brings me to Cole.  He could care less.  He marks his spot and laughs.  He will however tell if he did poop, but nothing more.  He is NOT ready.

Things have calmed down at home and I had 3 days that I could sit and work with Elyse (Again, Cole could care less)  I started the day by taking her to the bathroom and sitting her down on her potty.  She insisted on brushing her teeth while she 'went' so I thought why not, it will get her to sit there. Unfortunately, she did not go, but I told her good job for trying.
I then put big girl panties on her and told her if she need to go, to tell me.  She said ok mommy and went to play.  Every 30 minutes Id ask her if she had to go in which she responded "No mommy"  About 2 minutes later I hear "Oh no" and I saw it dripping down her leg. (I guess I should just take her in there, but she wont sit and she fights it, and again I dont want to push) I grabbed her, took her to the potty and hope shed finish there.  No such luck.  She wanted to be on the BIG potty.  So we sat.
And sat
And nothing.

This went on for the rest of the day until we ran out of undies that she dripped in.  I then tried to let her be naked.  She LOVES to be naked so she went crazy and then peed on the couch. There was a lot of chasing  and laughing and filling her up with water to get her to go.  But she wont sit still long enough to go.  There was a whole lot of this,
And Cole did a whole lot of this,
(Arent under-roos the cutest)
He also jumped in the BIG toliet, played, and then peed on the floor.

Once the supply of undies were gone, I put them both in pull ups and they both did this.

Laid back, not a care in the world.

So heres my question, what do I do?  Shes ready, shes KNOWS what to do, and she knows when she has to go.   Im clueless as to what to do and I know all kids are different, but anyone have any advice. Im tired of diapers but I dont want to pressure erither one of them.  HELP


  1. E-mail me, and I'll send ya something to help with this... racingitoff at ;-)

  2. Wow~ I'm frustrated just READING this! LOL. Unfortunately, I can't help. I've not gotten to this stage yet. Good luck... It will all work out!