Tuesday, July 26

Toys-R-Us Vomit

Does everyone else's house look like Toys-R-Us puked?  I will be the first one to admit that my kids are spoiled.  They have so many toys and THINGS that I hide stuff and after a few weeks trade them out.  They think they are getting new stuff but they are just getting to play with new stuff.

I have said before, that I have a few OCD tendencies.  I like things in order, everything has its place.  Saying that, having 2-year old twins, things are rarely where they are supposed to be, even if it is an organised chaos
My solution?

Buckets.  They each have their own bucket that the put their toys away in.  They drag the thing around the house, which is fine with me, and fill it when its time to go to bed. They also sing a song, "Clean up, time to clean up, clean up, time to clean up" as the load up their buckets.  So far its working.

Maybe, one day, they will put everything away neatly.
Ill take what I can get now.


  1. I love this post. I am the same way. It drives me nuts having toys everywhere.

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  3. OMG I love the idea of buckets!!!! My daughter has so many toys it's insane. The sad thing is, she hardly plays with any of them! We just moved and the majority of her toys are still packed. Is she bored? Nope! LOL She hasn't asked for anything that is still packed. Part of me just wants to give all those boxes to charity! LOL

  4. lol @ Toys-R-Us Vomit! I feel the same way! Nice blog and your two kiddos are adorable. New follower from Tag Back Tuesday. Drop on by and see me if you get the chance, thanks!


  5. Wow...admirable on keeping organized house with a twin. I only have a 15months old little witch and my house looks like I take care of 3 of 'em :-O

    Spanish Pinay

  6. The buckets are an AMAZING start. I'd be happy with the buckets alone. I love the idea - and their little song!!

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