Wednesday, July 13

What on your mind Wednesday

So lets try this, Im just going to write out several of my random thoughts that I am having right now.  Here goes nothing.

My car is dented
Not by my doing
Its getting fixed
And Im getting a rent a car
I have no idea if I will have a job in 60 days
That makes me nervous
How will I pay rent?
Im scared
Im nervous
But Im doing something about it.
I hope my kids dont hate me one day
I hope they understand
I miss the little buggers
Only 5 hours till I see them again
Sometimes I wish I stayed home
Who am I kidding, no I dont
I wish Id win the lottery so I could show them the world and not stress about money
I need to find free things to go
Were going swimming
And Ill cover them in suntan lotion
His hair will be fine, its now shaved
Hers will stand up on all ends.
This picture just popped in my head LOL

One day she will have hair
One day she will get gum in it
One day he will put gum in it
Now I want some gum
Or maybe just some lunch.
I shouldnt skip breakfast.
I wonder how long the next 5 hours will take.
I want to go home.

And hows your day going?

1 comment:

  1. I'm not fond of car issues--uhg. Oh, I love her cute of hair! She is adorable. And gum! We've had to cut out huge chunks of hair, luckily it's been while. :)