Tuesday, July 19

Im up to my ears in poo

Ok so yesterday I posted about our potty training attempts, remember?  I left the out a tidbit of the day out of the story because it defiantly needs its own post.

So if you remember, I ran out of big kid panties/undies and resulted to putting them both in pull ups. They sat down and watched some TV (I was doing dishes, dont judge) before they went down for their nap.

 I made the decision to put them in a diaper because A, pull ups leak when full and B, I didnt want to strip beds and have them sleep in poo, pee, or the combo of the two.

They walked to their room and started to go to sleep.  For about 20 minutes, silence.  Pure silence.  YEA, I sat down and started to read my book.  Then I heard it.  Elyse was screaming at the top of her lungs.  She does this often in her sleep so I let it go.  After a few minutes she didnt let up so I thought I should go check on them. 

I slowly opened the door and I am greeted with 2, TWO, naked kids standing at the edges of their bed. 

"Dang yall, where are your diapers"
They both point.
This is Coles diaper.
Here is Elyses.  (Which I may point out was about 5 feet from her bed, how she got it IN the bucket, I dont know)
I looked at them both and say "Well how did yall do that"
Elyse screams, "Elyse stinks, Elyse stinks"

I prepared myself to be picking up poo-filled diapers. As I bent down, as though she knew, she yelled "MOMMMMY Elyse bed STINKS"

I go "Huh"

Before I could do anything Elyse informed me that Coles bed stinks too.  He hadnt said a word since I walked in, only pushing his tiny little self against the edge of the bed.

And then I saw it.
Cole left me this:
And Elyse left me this:
Oh thats right, turds

His was 2 large ones that barley flushed.  Hers was the length on my hand.  I was completely grossed out but started laughing hysterically because the two of them were pinning themselves against the bed, completely AWAY from the poo.  Elyse kept saying "Mommuy, bed stink , bed stink"

So what did I do?  Grabbed the camera (Im horrible but itll be payback when they are 16)

After I cleaned it up, nap time was over even before it started.

About an hour later, I called my mom. 
"Mom, you wanna know what your grand daughter and son did?"
"Oh Lord what?"
"Elyse, tell Gramma what you did/"

Elyse, "Hi Gramma"
My Mom: "What did you do today?
Elyse " I pooped bed, Cole pooped bed, bed stinks.  Bye Bye, see you next time"

At least she got the logistics right.
Now if she would just strip off her diaper and go in the TOILET.


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  3. Noooooo not turds!!! Oh that's terrible. We're just starting to potty train our baby, but after the headache of potty training our first child I'm just not sure I'm up to it. No one should have to go looking around the house for hidden poo. Lol.

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  4. LMAO! That is funny and appalling all at the same time! Only appalling cuz it's poop and you had to clean it up. LOL!

    It reminds me of a story my chiropractor told me about his son. They had just had their 2nd baby, a little girl, and his son was jealous so he was acting out. One day he found him in his room with those colored storage bins all lined up and the toys dumped out. His son had peed in every one of them. But that's not all. He had taken his poop and smooshed it into the slot in his piggybank. Talk about gross! LOL So maybe be grateful for small things like non-smooshed poop? ;)

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  5. my daughter who is also going to be potty trained very soon, took her diaper off the other day and smeared poop on the TV while I was in the kitchen getting my infant a bottle. UGH!!! Love this stage of development!

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  6. Ahhh, that is so funny! (And gross, I'm so sorry!) At least they don't want to poop in their diapers anymore, right?

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  7. I'm sorry to tell you that I am laughing my butt off! Wh had to duct tape my daughter's diapers because she liked to take them off. I've picked up many a turd. Potty training is the worst experience of my parenting and I suck at it so I have no advice to give.

  8. That's so funny! I was laughing!

    I put my youngest in underwear and a diaper over it for nap time. That way he can feel if he's wet, but he doesn't leak so much.

    The worst poo incident we had was when I had my oldest in the exersaucer with a diaper on. I heard this squishing sound over and over again. I could not figure out were it was coming from. I look at him and down. He had a massive blow out. The sound was his feet hitting the bottom of the exersaucer. Poop was in between his toes. All over!