Tuesday, April 26

Easter Egg Hunting

To continue the Easter fun, we of course took the kids Easter egg hunting for the first time. And of course we had more than one hunt to attend.

Round 1

While waiting for the event to start, the kids jumped on the playground.

Look closely, yes, his car is STILL with him.  He will NOT let it out of his site.
 She went down the slide backwards, every time.

The patiently waited to hear go with their little faces pressed against the fence yelling EEEEEGGGGGGGGS

And they were off.

Round 2
After dying eggs, Grandma hid some more for the kids to find.  They didnt have to fight the other kids this time.

Round 3?
This hasnt happened yet.  They found their purses, ie the monkey baskets, and starting yelling EGGS MOMMY EGGS IN PUURRRRRRRSE.  I see another hunt in our future.

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