Tuesday, April 26

Easter Day

This brings us to Easter morning.  Elyse decided to wake up at 630 so the Easter Bunny was running late.  While she was occupied by cartoons, the bunny did her...errr....his thing and left behind the below.

I believe the kids were impressed.

He was "Oh mommy, oooooooooooooooooooo"

I know you cant understand it, but it was hilarious watching the two of them destroyed the innards of the baskets and ohh and ahh at it all.  Oh the joys of being 2.

Next, we headed to church. How cute are these kids?

Seriously, look again,
I think hes a pimp in his suit....with his car and shes a princess with her piercing blue eyes.

So, you ask, how do you occupy 2 2 year olds during an Easter church service?

Snacks of course.

I hope yall had a great Easter weekend.

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