Friday, November 11

101 in 1001 Update

Ok so Im a little behind on posting 101 updates so Im gonna make this short and sweet so its noted.

Last Friday I got a Hot Stone Massage and it was....different.
No this is not me, I couldnt ask the guy to take a picture of me while he did this, thats weird.

Anyway, it felt great, dont get me wrong.  The only complaint I have is that when the guy would start rubbing (that sounds wrong) it would start to feel good then he would stop and go somewhere else.  I blame him but I blame me.  I should have told him in the beginning where EXACTLY to focus.  It was great but not something I would do all the time.  Ill take a regular massage any day.

There was one thing that was AMAZING

Thats right, in my toes.  Im so flipping tickle-ish, I cant ever sit still.  This was awesome.  Something about the heat made my feet relax and allowed him to massage the heck out of them. Yea for toes.

On another note, today is 11-11-11
So at 11:11 AM Im making the ULTIMATE wish.

Close Eyes


I will not share because it will not come true. 
Id ask what you wished for, but I would expect for you not to tell me either.

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