Tuesday, November 29

Black Friday

Do you do Black Friday?  I mean REALLY do Black Friday.  As in stand in line at 2AM in the cold shivering to get items for dirt cheap?  Every year, I stalk the ads, make lists, and plan a schedule.  Me and a friend of mine usually go but this year I went with my mom and sister.

Yes we are the crazy people that schedule which store we go to when and where we should camp out and bring a cooler with food and drinks to get us through the day. Yes we are the people who stand in line for 2 hours in the cold for a specific item.  Yes are the people that make a game plan to have all of us split up in sections of the store, grab items for each of us, communicate through cell phones and meet back and swap what each of us want.  Yes, we are part of the crazies.

This year was a little different. Instead of stores opening at midnight, some opened at 10 PM on Thanksgiving night.  So what did we do?

Thats right, we headed out at 830 to start our day...errr  night.  We ended our day at 1 pm on Friday.  Count that up.  Its 17 hours of shopping and it was so much fun.

Now as fun as it was, we were tired.  Here are some things that we learned during those 17 hours while waiting for stores to open.  Please remember we were sleep deprived.
  •  Santa's real name is Billy
  • Chapstick does not go on your armpits
  • Yelling Hello 10 times in some high pitched british accent will not make the sonic drive thru answer and faster
  • When a Staple gun is pulled, you will jump15 ft even if its inside packaging, not loaded with staples
  • She is a boy, He is a girl 
  • You become friends with people who hoard towels
  • Gum can be a great bargaining tool
  • Nothing is worth going to jail for no matter how cheap it is (seriously, the girl was escorted out by the cops and was walking to the cop car, dont know what happened but still)
  • If you tell people you are from out of town, which we were, they will bend the rules
  • People are psychos for sheets
And Finally,
  • Dont let little old ladies fool you, they can run fast and will push you out of the way with their cart faster than you can ask for a piece of candy.
All in all, it was another successful shopping day.  I got all the things I planned on buying, and a few more, and now MOST of my Christmas shopping is complete.

So, did you black Friday?
What was the best thing you got?

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