Monday, November 21

Blog Swap

So I mentioned a few weeks back that I was participating in a 101 in 1001 Days blog swap that is hosted by Holly over at Perfectly Imperfect  This swap was easy and simple, and who doesnt like getting gifts?  Basically, you are paired up with a parnter and you send them something to help them cross off items from their list and then , of course, blog about it. 

I was paired with Kasey from Domesticated Hygienist, you can see her list here. Go ahead and go on over there and check her out.  I forgot to mention to her that Im ATTEMPTING to boost her blog so she can cross another off her list.  (Get to 100 followers, right now shes at 68)

On Friday, I checked my mail. (I only check it once a week because all thats ever there is bills, did I mention I like gifts?)  The package had arrived and this is what was in the inside.

There is a book, that I dont have, that I can count towards my ABC books.  Im hoping its good, Im sure it wont disappoint.

The coloring book is awesome.  When I was coming up with the list and ran out of ideas, I started thinking of things I could do with the kids.  They love color.  So I thought, hey Ill color a book while they color and it will be fun for everyone (insert cheesy after school special music here)  BUT Who knew it would be difficult to find a coloring book that wasnt ginormous or full of stickers or something would be so hard.  This coloring book is great and Ill get started right on it, if Elyse doesnt steal it first.

Im linking up over at Perfectly Imperfect, what did everyone else get?


  1. Hm..I'm not sure why it won't link up, I'll check that it's not closed but it shouldn't be. I love what you received!! Everyone is getting such great things :)

  2. I'm so glad you like your gift. :-) You're right, it is hard to find a coloring book. All I could find were coloring/activity books so I'm glad you like it!