Monday, November 7

Carnival, Round 2

As Halloween festivities continue, I promise they are almost done, we move on to the second carnival of the weekend.

As soon as we jumped out of the car, they were ready to go.

First stop was the petting zoo.  They were in heaven.

You could not get him away from the ducks until he saw the horses.

Can you hear the ye-haws?

We then got tattoos.

And played some games.
For the record, they are cheaters.

 He attempted to toss the rings,

And she walked up to the pole and laid them down.

They both did NOT toss the bean bags, but walked up to the boards and placed them in the holes.

And then they grabbed the ducks with their hands and placed it on the magnet instead of fishing like they were supposed to do.

And it would not be Halloween without candy right?
Oh there was candy.

And snow cones,

And popcorn,
And cotton candy,

And dinner was ruined.
But it only happens once a year so Ill let it slide.

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  1. Your little smurfs are too cute! I love it :)