Tuesday, November 8

Pumpkin Patch, Round 2

You may remember last week when I posted a ton of pictures of the kids with character cut outs?  These cut outs were at the second pumpkin patch that we went too.  This place was awesome.  We will defiantly be going again next year.  Here is some more from that day.

I finally managed to get both kids to sit for more than a few seconds to get a picture ON a pumpkin.

We went down some slides,

We played with the pigs,

We re-arranged the pumpkins,

We made our way through a hay maze,

And of course we ate snow cones.

In the end we tried to relax,

And who wouldnt in a my-size swing?

1 comment:

  1. Such a fun time! I'm glad you got some wonderful pictures. My kids don't like to sit still for me. :)