Monday, November 28

A little distraction

Ok so I have a ton to catch all you up on, BUT, Ive been out of work since Tuesday and Im playing catch  up like a mad woman.  Here is something to tide you over.

We got new hats for 'winter'  (Not sure how cold itll get here but it was freeeeeeezing this morning).  I love sock monkeys so I had a friend of mine make me some for the kids.  This is the day they came in the mail.

They are a little blurry because they wouldnt sit still (surprise surprise)

Here is a video where Elyse tells you Cole is a monkey, gets distracted,  then they talk and she goes to get something for him.  What, I have no idea, twin talk I guess.

1 comment:

  1. That video of so cute!!! It's good the "get" each other. :) And I love the hats! I also have a fondness for sock monkeys. :)