Tuesday, November 1

Carving Pumpkins

As Halloween comes around, we carve pumpkins.  Last year the kids colored them and I attempted to carve one, FAIL.  We had fun either way.  This year we did the same.  The kids got into it this year while playing with all the guts. *Wait* Does this mean a tradition has started?  I think so, boom, another one down.

Lets get to the pictures.

We did this backwards so the kids didnt have to 'carve' anything.  My mom pre-cut the eyes and mouth.  Elyse popped those babies right out.  Cole took off the head and then the fun began. 

Elyse jumped right in.

He need some coaching 

He was preoccupied with the lid.  He kept grabbing it and yelling "Eeeeeeeewwwwwwww, punkin guts"

She kept digging at the guts and he eventually dug in when he saw how much fun it was.

Then they both jumped in while yelling "More punkin dots"   Apparently thats what the seeds are called, we went with it.

Elyse was on a mission to clear it out and make the guts go away.
Seriously, they both kept saying "Guts GO AWAY , Go AWAY guts" then laughing hysterically.

When it was done, we added a candle and turned the lights off.  They were both excited about their pumpkin.

They loved every minute of it.
Guts, Seeds, and all.

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