Thursday, November 3

Halloween Carnival, Round 1

I mentioned the other day that this past weekend was jammed packed with Halloween fun.  Bare with me as this post, and the next few, will long and all Halloween related.  But I promise that they will all be filled with lots of pictures and LOTS of cuteness.

So here we go.

The Friday night before Halloween, we headed to carnival #1 for the weekend.  You cant beat free so we were in.  Seriously, I paid $5 to get in, for me and the kids (kids free), and EVERYTHING there was free. 

Once we got there, the kids could not wait to start riding rides.
They were smurfs minus the face paint, go ahead and aww and any time.
Ill wait.
Ok Im done.

First up were the motorcycles.  He was ready to go without any hesitation.

She need some coaxing.

Once it started going, you couldnt get them off.
I got a little bit on video.

After this, she found the giant slide and took off.  He followed and before I knew it they were climbing up the 'ladder' to the top.
Isnt the little 'tail' or whatever it is the cutest?

He had some trouble and kept falling down.

But he eventually got to the top and slid down, giggling the whole time.

After the slide, we made our way to the airplanes.  There was enough room that I could ride with them so we all hopped in and took off.

Not sure why, but this makes me laugh.  Sitting the same way, but opposite?  Twin thing I guess  LOL

And of course I got some on video, Im getting better at this.

We went through a mirror maze in which she kept running into the mirror then laughing and saying "Oh Elyyyse, Im soooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuute"  No video on that, I was trying to make our way out of there.  Once we got out of the maze, there were funny mirrors.  She didnt get it but laughed anyway.

We waited in another line, for another ride.  Did I mention this was all free?  They watched while we waited.
And he found a fish. 
And shook it.

Im pretty sure there was a funeral that night.  Poor fish. RIP little guy.

Almost at the front of the line and she giggled while yelling, "Mom, I want in the pink bear, the pink bears mom"
So thats where we went.

Judging by these faces, I think they had a great time.

And judging by this, I know they did.

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