Monday, February 7

Are you ready for some football?

This weekend was filled with football excitement.  After getting over a cold, Elyse was back on the table and running around like she always does.  Cole began to tackle. 

Light bulb

Is it to early to start putting football into their minds?  We are in Texas after all.

And so it goes...


(They are jumping up)

Hunt, and they both would take off and tackle me.  No pictures to show this, they were all a blurr or of the floor.

I also got them both to yell TOUCHDOWN and throw their arms in the air.

Its begun.

On another note, I ran 8 miles on Sunday morning.  After the snow/ice melted and the sun came out, I had to get outside.  It was a slow run and I didnt stop (with the exception of stop lights, puddling jumping, and re-adjusting my hair)  It was a good run.  If I can run 8 without stopping ,even if slow, I can run 13.  Ill be ready in 7 weeks I have no doubt about that.  Also, Im slowly chipping away at my resolution to run 1000 miles this year.

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