Tuesday, February 15

Hats, Hats, and More Hats

Have you ever seen those kids that no matter what the weather is they have a hat on their head?  That will be my kids.  I can see it now, 95 degrees outside and walking around in a sundress with a ski hat on.  Im not sure where they both got the liking for hats, but if there is one around, I can guarantee it will be on their head.

Lets go back to last Christmas.  These hats were too big, but too cute not to wear.

Fast foward a year to this Christmas break. Same hat but  I love it because of its bingy-bongies (not sure what else to call them) and it fit this year. She would not take it off at daycare.  If it fell off, she would get mad and say hat on hat on hat on HEAD.

Lets not forget about the beannies

Or her way of accessorizing

Now saying that, and reminiscing of the past hats, is it any surprise that she stole MY beanie and Cole stole DADDYS baseball hat?

Not at all, even if it is a Corona Beanie, its super cute.

Bring on the ski attire.


  1. Hi! My son likes hats and beanies right now too. It's so funny. Following from the Totally Tuesday Blog Hop! I'd love it if you'd follow me back too! :)

    Lots of reviews and giveaways, and a hand made event coming up! Please check it out! :)

    ~The Reynolds Mom~

  2. They are too cute. I only wish my daughter liked hats. Now following you from the Tuesday Blog Hop. Hope you'll come visit/follow me

  3. Visiting and following from Totally Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Your kids are adorable! My youngest two sons are fraternal twins... but they are 15 now. Time flies!