Thursday, February 3

Nose Pinchers

It amazes me how kids can turn normal household items into something completely different.  For example, Elyse turns the shopping cart into a stroller for her baby.  Cole turns the lights into a scary house (more to come at a later date) Elyse yells TWO when she wants to be thrown into the place (pillows on the couch)  Cole turns the potty seat into a hat, yes he does.

Here is the latest.  Elyse has discovered pliers.  Not real ones, plastic ones.  She has figured out that they can grab anything you put in it.

Her nose.

She says, "Mommy get nose, get nose."

Her Finger, again she says "Finer, finer"

And she laughs, and laughs.
Oh "Mommy, puppy nose, puppy nose"

Poor poor puppy.


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