Tuesday, February 8

Get your hands off my "Chee-tos"

As I have said many times before, Cole eats.  And eats.  And eats.  If you try to take his food, he literally growls at you.  If Elyse does not finish something, particularly his favorite fruit, he gobbles it up in seconds.  Now have any of you heard or seen the Gerber Little Crunchies that resemble Chee-tos?  Well my kids LOVE them and will eat the whole can if I dont watch them.  So here it is snack time and I think, what the hey, "Chee-tos" and Cheerios it is.  Cole engulfed his in about 2.5 seconds and walked over, very sneaky by the way, and tried to jack hers.  Of coarse she screamed and then he cried.  So, dont judge, I gave him a handful more.  He then decided to hoard them and run away.

You can ignore The Real House Wives of Beverly Hills Reunion in the background

Do you notice how he is holding on for dear life?

As he held on, she gracefully sat ON the table finishing her Cheerios.

Once snack time was complete, what is the next logical thing to do?

Yup, wear the bowls as hats.


  1. Very cute photos :) My 10 month old likes to growl just for the fun of it.. too funny!

  2. aww, so cute! :) My girls are almost 4 and 5 and still do silly things like that just for laughs, I love silly kiddos! You just can't help but have fun around them which makes your days so much more interesting!

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  7. hahaha! Maybe its the name. I have a Cole too (Short for Colden) and hes the main garbage disposal in the house. Hes 14mns and only 12 pounds lighter than his 6 year old brother. Hes a beast about his food!