Thursday, February 17

Hands in Pants

Well in pockets.

Cole is getting so big.  Everyday I look at him and all I can think is that he is growing up too fast.  He is such a little dude now.

He LOVES his daddy. All I hear is daddi daddi daddi in this high pitched voice. He copies everything that  daddy does and wears for that matter.

We went to dinner the other night and Cole was wearing a zip-up hoodie.  At some point, he looked down and found the pockets.  Daddy showed him how to put his hands in the pockets to hide them.  He immediately smiled.  Then we would go on to say, Where are Coles hands?  Where are they?  He would get super excited and throw them in the air and yell IS IS and then put them back in the pockets.

Hands in Pockets

Where are Coles hands?

There they are.

He was so happy for something so small.

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