Tuesday, February 22

Whats the routine with Twins?

Do you ever wonder what its like on a day to day basis when you have twins?  I only assume that it is the same as a person who has 2 kids, but I guess it’s a little different.  So here it is, our scheduled during the week.
(Im going to share the schedule we have when I don’t get out of bed at 5 am to go run)
-Alarm goes off at 5AM
-Hit snooze twice, husband gets out of bed, gets ready for work, leaves.
-At 6AM (ish) I roll out of bed
-Check Facebook (Don’t judge)
-Take care of personal agendas (potty, teeth, shower)
-At 630, go into kids room and turn on light.
-Check weather (It changes so I have to figure out what to put them in and if I have to hunt down jackets)
-Grab clothes, fight dress kids as quickly as possible
-Leave house by 6:55, a minute later and Im late for work (I usually pull out of the driveway at 7:00)
-Drop kids off and head to work 7:07 (seriously down to the minute I have this figured out)
-Arrive at work at 7:30-7:35
-From 7:35-around 12-12:30 answer emails, phones, get work caught up.  After that, I catch up on blogs or whatever else that needs to done, or read.  J
-Around 12:30, I leave for lunch.  I may get food, I might grocery shop but I leave to get away from that place.  I really think you need a breather sometimes.
-I come back to the office at 1:30 and work until 4:30.
-Depending on traffic, I get to the kids around 5-5:30.  (Construction keeps closing roads with no notice so I have to keep finding new ways home.  Luckily I grew up here so I know all the back roads, apparently so does everyone else, I digress)
-If the husband is home, I take the kids to him so I can go to the gym. 
-If not, off to the gym we go.  From 5:30-6:30 (depending how they are acting) I work out, run.
-Sometimes we have to go pick stuff up so we do this now, and the gym waits.
-6:30 is dinner time for the kids.  If they don’t eat then, meltdowns WILL happen.  I cant wait till I can hold them off till 7:00 to eat but its just not happening right now.
-7:00 is bath time.  I, or the husband, wrestle the kids in the tub attempting to avoid another poo incident.  We tag team, both in tub, one is washed and handed to the other parent.  The other gets washed while the other is dressing (Did that make sense?)  Its literally like tag team wrestling.  If were alone, the two end up running around the house naked while we, err I, chase them with a diaper.
-7:15-7:30 is playtime, reading and calming down time (even if daddy doesn’t get this and wants to throw them around and get them all riled up)
-7:30 we say, “Its time to go night night” In which they respond “No”
            We say, “Its night night time”
            They say, “Ok, clean up clean up” and they begin to pick up toys
            Then Elyse says “Ok, all clean”
            They then walk to the room, stand by their crib, give hugs and go to sleep.

And yes I realize how lucky we are that they do this without a fight 90% of the time.
-Around 8, we finally get to eat, catch up on TV (TIVO is the best invention EVER)
-I pass out around 9:30-10:00 and wake up to do it all over again.

So that’s it, basically.
Everyone else is about the same right?
What’s your routine during the week?

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  1. OH mama... <3 it... I have 3 yr old g/g gremlins and I get ya... we eat at 6pm.. for the same reason, which leads to ME being hungry again at 10pm... NOT good... lol