Friday, February 18

So what.....

...I blow snot rockets in shower

...I rush to the bathroom first thing on Monday and Thursday so I can smell the bleach

...If the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night is check facebook

...If I check facebook while warming up on the treadmill

...I make a point to shave my legs before I get a pedicure only because I dont want the lady giving me the pedicure to think Im gross (Same goes for the woman doctor)

...I stab my steak instead of cutting it gracefully

...I use men's body wash at times when Im out of my own instead of going and buying new girly stuff (going on two weeks now with Old Spice body wash)

...I pick my nose, we all do it, get over it

...If I pretend to not hear you sometimes, I dont want to talk

...I rely on spell check