Friday, February 25

Our Sandtrap

Oh my, you may not realize but

Ive written these a lot faster than I ever thought I would.  I am really tyring to do this daily, but some days, I really have nothing to say or Im too busy chasing the kiddos to sit down for 5 minutes.  You know how it is.

We are currently making changes to our house.  I wont tell you what, but I WILL have an update and pictures when it is complete.  While the dust bowl has invaded our house, Ive been trying to keep the kids out of it as much as possible.  You know, run around until dinner time, come home eat, on the floor of our room, bath, bed, done.  This has been our life the last week, Im over it, but itll be worth it in the end.

With no other options because groceries were bought, prescriptions were filled, and the house is a disaster, we headed to the park.  Now I have mentioned that Elyse has no fear. NONE.  But she, and Cole, usually stay by me then test out the play area, then take off.  This day, they both took off with no hesitation.

Once they reached the slides, there was no stopping them.

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Mommmy, seriously, screaming weeeee as loud as they could.

She attempted to climb up the rock wall.
But I put a stop to that.
So she headed to the slide that you are allowed to climb up (Its a rule with us, you climb up, slide down, dont argue)

Cole wanted her to join him on the rope wall, so he yelled for her.
And she climbed up to meet him (I was less than a foot away in case she fell)

They really do like each other.
And it got us out of the sand trap that we call home.

I guess this was their way of telling me it was time to go.

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