Saturday, February 12

Its only Saturday afternoon?

Its only Saturday and I feel like I havent sat down since I got off work yesterday.  After picking up the kids, I rushed to get them both to my mom's house for the weekend.  We are going out for my birthday, 4 days away, and she asked to take them.  So off they went.

My old lady weekend began.

So last night, me and Wendy headed to a coupon class.  Thats right, a class on coupons.  It was an overview but we figured we might learn something new.  (Did you know you can freeze PB and J and throw them in a lunch box and they will be thawed by lunch?  Who knew) Anyway,  it was a night away with all girls that I didnt want to shoot, shock I know.  It was fun and hopefully we will be able to do it again soon.

I finally fell asleep and heard the alarm go off at 6:45.  CRAP  It was supposed to go off at 6:15.  You see, I was supposed to meet a co-worker to run my long run for the week.  CRAP  So Im running around the house, in the dark, looking for socks and pants and head bands.  WHEW  I was 45 minutes late but I got there and off we went.

9 MILES  NON-STOP, with exception of water breaks.  Thank goodness Noe was with me because I would have walked at some points but he kept me going so it was good.  9 MILES IN 1:39:21, I can so do this  :)

After the run, I rushed home to grab pictures and books and took off to The Colony to do more scrap booking.  Im this close to finishing the baby books, but OF COURSE, I left some needed pictures on my dining room table.  Next time, they will get done, up till they turn 2.

Whew, I just got tired writing that.

Off to mark off more items on my to-do list while I am kid free, but I think I need to schedule a nap.

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