Tuesday, September 20

10 Day Challenge, Day 5

Do you have a bucket list?  I have one, but it is a work in progress. On the list I have so far is to step foot on every continent and to see the 7 natural wonders of the world among other things. Who knows if Ill ever get this done, but Im sure going to try.  Saying this, today's challenge is easy.  I am supposed to list 6 places Id like to visit

6 Places

6. Niagara Falls  Its gorgeous, from pictures, and who wouldnt want to go.  Id love to swim in it somehow but I dont think that is possible.

5. Stonehenge  This amazes me.  I have no idea why I want to see this so bad, I just do.  And Id get to go to to England too so thats a plus.

4.Grand Canyon  Again, Im in awe.  Ive heard its breath taking and Id loooove to see it for myself.  Also, when I do go, I will climb down it, with or without a donkey.  Some call me crazy, but I dont care, I will do it.

3. Greece.  While I lived in Europe, I went everywhere whenever I could (give schedules and that someone would come with me)  I didnt make it to two places I really wanted to go.  See #5 for the first and the second is Greece.  Ill make it back someday.

2. Egypt.  I really just wanna see the pyramids.  Ok thats a lie.  I want to ride a camel.  I want to stay in a pyramid (Can you do that?)  I want to get henna (Is that the way to say that?)  I want to see the tombs.  I want to be surrounded by something and I have no idea how it came to be.  (I know people built the pyramids it just baffles me how much they did with hands and chisels and who knows what else they used, its amazing)

1. Alaska.  Specifically, I want to take an Alaskan Cruise.  Look at this and tell me you wouldnt want to go?

And you can see the Northern Lights from there.

Now if someone wants to sponsor me to go to these places, I wouldnt argue. I wont even do the whole deny twice then accept the offer.  You offer, Im taking it, no questions asked.

Any takers?
Yea I didnt think so. 
One day
One day


  1. Girl, if you find any sponsors for those trips, Let me know!! In #3, you said you needed someone to go with you, and I will totally volunteer to be that person! I LOVE traveling!

  2. Other than Niagara, I could pretty much copy this list except switch 1 and 2. ;-)