Thursday, September 22

10 Day Challenge, Day 6

I took a break yesterday because ... well ... I havnt talked about the kids for a few days so I took a break to share some pictures.

But now Im back on this Challenge.
To recap:
Day 1 Secrets
Day 2 Loves
Day 3 Fears
Day 4 Wants
Day 5 Places

Are you back?  All caught up?  Lets continue.

5 Foods
I didnt know if this meant foods I love, foods I want to try, foods I hate or what so I made up my own rules.  Im going to list 5 foods that I can eat almost any meal, any day, any time.

5. Pizza.  I love pizza.  I, however, cannot eat it everyday, but I can eat it every other day and Id be ok.  I love all pizza.  Thick crust, think deep dish,  with lots of cheese and jalapenos suits me just fine.

4. Chips.  I have no idea why I like chips so much but I can eat and eat and eat them till I cant move.  Then I eat some more.  I love all chips but my complete weakness is chips with queso and salsa.

3. Kurdische Pizza.  I lived in Germany and these were everywhere.  OH.MY.GRAVY.  My mouth is just watering thinking about this thing. First the meat is cooked like this:
And then it is put on this flat bread covered in this spicy wonderfullness (yes thats a word) and wrapped up.
Its like like this but instead of a sandwich, is more of a wrap with a lot more seasonings.
There was a place in Addison that did this perfectly but they have moved and I have no idea where they are.  I need to find another real Kurdische Kabob place that taste just like it does over seas.  

2. Sushi.  Sushi makes me happy.  I never really liked it before but now I love it.  I crave it.  But I dont like the fishy stuff.  I love the crab, shrimp, salmon, tuna and all the wasbi I can handle.  Oh I love some sushi.

1. So I have to end on the one food that no matter the day or time or how many times Ive eaten it, I will never say no to it.  Mexcian food.  I love it all.  Any kind, Ill eat it.  Ill try new stuff at any restaurant but Im hooked on enchiladas.  I love them.  And beans.  And quesadillas.  And tacos. And chimichangas. And burritos.  Get the point yet?  I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD.

Ok now that I am drooling over my keyboard, what is your favorite food?

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