Thursday, September 15

Lets go on the big Slide

While at my moms house, the kids get full joy out of playing on the jungle gym that is in her back yard.  Both kids have no fear, this has not always been the case, and jump to the top of the slide, ride the swings, and attempt to see-saw all by themselves.

Twins amaze me (Or maybe this happens with all siblings) They really like each other.  Sure they fight, but they always check in with the other and stand up for each other, as much as 2 year olds can.  Im always in awe how much they care for each other. 

Take this afternoon.

It began with him leading as he slides down the slide, notice her following him.

After he gets to the bottom, he stands there to cheer her on.

He literally kept saying "Come on Elyse, go slide, go slide"  Then hed clap when she sat and take off to climb  the ladder again

Its like a roller coaster I guess,
And no she is not wearing shoes, she is like her momma in that way.

He would slide again (with her following of course)

And wait for her at the bottom,

And cheer for her to follow him down the slide,

Yea Elyse, YEA ELYSE

Do all brother/sisters do this or is this a twin thing?
Either way, I love it.

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