Monday, September 19

10 day Challenge

If you have been keeping up with this 10 day Challenge, yea.  If you are a little behind catch up here for Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.

Today is Day 4, obviously.  (Ohh, that may have come off snotty, my bad)

7 Wants
For this day, Im going to be selfish and state what I want and not state the obvious.  I want a million dollars, I want my kids to be happy, I want to be stress free, I want not to worry.  You know, mostly what everyone ones.  Im going to be selfish on this, its a warning, so dont judge.

7. I want a Beach House.  I dont want to live on the beach.  I just want to own something on the beach that I can go to at any time, lay on a hammock and listen to the waves.  The thought of this makes me very happy.  You know, a little place like this:

6. I want to have some fashion sense.  I am clearly a t-shirt and jeans, Im gonna be comfy kind of attitude.  I dont get fashion, 95% of it I think looks ridiculous.  BUT, I would love to have someone dress me and my not have to pay for it.  I just dont get it.  So until that happens, jeans it is.

5. When I get rich, it will happen one day, I want my dream kitchen.  I have it planned in my head.  I want it very modern with granite and hidden appliances and pull out drawers with the additional pull out drawers in the drawers (does that make sense)  I want double ovens and a HUGE pantry.  Im talking butcher blocks and huge sinks. Oh I have plans.
Something like this, but not  :)

4. I want a spa day.  I want a day for me.  I want a pedicure, a facial, a massage, a mud bath and for me to sleep with the sweet sounds of nothing as I inhale lavender.  Ahhhh

3. I want to be creative.  I can re-create anything, its the coming up with things thats the hard part.  Enter Pinterest  Seriously, where has this been all my life?

2. I want a spring form pan.  Thats not too much for a girl to ask for is it?  Oh the cheesecakes I could make with one of these babies. 

1.Finally, this is just silly.  But ever since I saw Patch Adams , Ive wanted to swim in a pool of noodles.  Silly yes.  Would it be awesome?


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