Monday, September 12

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was calm, but busy once I looked back on it.

Friday night, I had a much needed girls night.  Let me start off by saying, I dont like girls.  Girls are back stabbing, shit-talking, douchbags.  Sorry if I offend, its just the way it is.  This is why I get along with guys.  Luckily, I have found a group of girls that are like me, not ass faces, tell it how it is, and dont deal well with the frilly BS that 90% of 'girly girls' do.  Were alll dudes and it works for us.  Anyway not the point.  A lot has happened in the last 3 months and its great to get together with people who do not judge and just listen.  Its also nice to hear everyone has problems.  Anyway, it was a much needed night to talk (about vagina stuff of course) and catch up and laugh though out the night.  We have made a commitment to each other to do this more often and I cant wait.

Saturday I slept in, till 830, go me.  LOL  I spent the remainder of the day preparing for JBF.  If you have not heard of Just Between Friends, and you have kids, you really need to look into it.  The sale is every 6 months (February-ish and September -ish)  I get all the clothes I need to for the next 6 months and spend next to nothing.  In addition to that, I sell all the clothes they have grown out of and the toys they no longer use.  It works out because what I spend, I make back from what I sell.  Its the greatest thing ever, even if it is a little time consuming, so worth it.

Sunday, I woke up and went to church.  Im trying really hard to get back into this habit because its guidance and Lord knows I need it.  Anywho, after church I attempted to go play disk golf.  LAME The course I went to was horrible. I used to go to this course all the time.  I havent been in awhile and it was the closest so I thought what the hey.  Well nothing was marked, baskets were missing, t-boxes gone, it was laaaaaaaaaaaaaame.  After walking in circles for about an hour I gave up and left. 

It was gorgeous outside so I didnt want to be indoors all day, so a picnic was on the agenda.  After grabbing some sandwiches and blanket, I was off.

After lunch, I just laid on the blanket, with my eyes closed, and relaxed.  I cant remember the last time I did this.  It was so nice, until the sun moved and blinded me and I decided to get up.

Katy Trail was right around the corner and since I havent ran in a month, it seemed like the thing to do.  It was nice to be outside and not have a thing in the world to do.

After the walk, I got home showered and prepared for the Cowboy game. HOW THE HELL CAN YOU CALL YOURSELF A QUATERBACK WHEN YOU THROW INTERCEPTIONS AND FUMBLE THE BALL THAT CAUSES THE LOSS IN EVERY FLIPPING GAME?  Im not trying to be a Romo hater, but come on.  I know the front line blows, but really.  He LITERALLY hands the game to the other team ALL THE TIME. Fix it already, make a play that isnt so damn predictable.  I could go on for hours but this is all I am going to say about this.  It is very frustrating.

So this was my last 3 days in a nutshell.   How was your weekend?

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