Friday, September 2

2 Kids in a Bucket

Awhile back, I posted about the  Toys-R-Us Vomit that occupied the house.  I found that using buckets 'helped' the issue.

Since this post, both kids put EVERYTHING inside of their own bucket.  Great right?  Sorta.  After the buckets are full, they drag them into the living room and then proceed to dump EVERYTHING into the living room , all over the place.  All I have done is given them a vessel to spread their toys more quickly than before.  Luckily, before they go to bed, all I have to say is "Its time to clean up"  I get the puppy dog eyes and the "I dont wanna go night night" as they pick each toy up one by one and place it in the bucket and then drag it back to their room. Yea progress.

Along with putting all of their toys into the said buckets, they now have a new purpose.  Chairs.

(Oops, this one is kind blurry, sorry)

And then she decided her bucket was her new bed.

Pillow, check
Babies, check
Puppy, check
Teddy Bear, check
Blanket, check

Good night, sleep tight.
In a bucket

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  1. Nothing quite like sleeping in a bucket!

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