Saturday, September 17

10 Day Challenge, Day 2

This is Day 2 of my 10 Blog Challenge.

9 Loves

These first 2 are obvious, but Im naming them anyway

9. Cole.  Especially Coles sloppy sloppy kisses.  He more licks than kisses but I love it either way.  I love that everything he says sounds like a question and he clings to me when hes somewhere new.  I love that he wears my sunglasses and gets so excited when I pick him up from daycare.  I love that he says "Lub you mommy" without being prompted.

8. Elyse. She is a Diva and thinks she runs everything.  I love that she says "I love my Hethur" and has no fear.  I love that she watches after Cole and never really leaves his side.  I love that she sings, even if it is off key, and dances like a crazy person. I love that her smile has a gap and she has little hair.

7. I love hummus.  Oh.My.Gravy. do I love hummus.  From the first time I tried it, I cant get enough.  It prompted me to make my own and now I eat it all the time.  I have been know to lick the bowl and I cant scoop anymore.  Its that good.

6. I love the show Friends  This is by far the best TV show ever.  I wish it never went off the air and Im still hoping that a movie will be made.  One can hope.
5. Oh fun socks.  I loooooooooove socks, but with cute designs on them.  I dont do boring, hell even my running socks are colorful.  My drawer is full of holiday themed and other random socks shaped like cows and who knows what else.

4. Cheesecake.  Im not a sweet person, but if you put cheesecake in front of me, I will eat it.  The Cheesecake Factory is a bad place for me to be.

3. Books.  Specifically murder mystery books.  I love to read but I dont want fiction.  I want blood, I want gore, I want to read something that takes me away from reality for a bit.  I really dont care if it teaches me anything, I want to get away, so I read.

2. Trashy TV.  Yes I admit it, Im killing brain cells but I cannot resit Real Housewives, Jersey Short, cooking shores, or any other reality tv trash that is out there.

1. Pinterest.  Holy shitballs, where have I been? So many people mention this site and yet I never looked.  I am not creative, but this site lets me think I can be.  I can re-create anything.  This site is the best at giving me ideas.  Oh man, the things I will do wtih the kids because of this site.

Has anyone else decided to do this yet? 

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