Thursday, September 8

Its Nap Time

Someone explain this to me.  I understand kids repeat what they see.  They imitate everything around them.  I get it.

So they other day I hear Elyse talking to her babies saying "Its time to go night night baby, go sleep now"  I thought she was putting them all in her bed and covering them up with her blanket like she always does. 

Then I heard giggles.

That cant be good.

I ran into the room and found this.

Look closely.  Each of her baby dolls, bears, Elmos, Doras, EVERYTHING, is laying face down with a baby wipe on top.  Ok she put blankets on them.  Look closer.  Each of these dolls/bears/ect are also laying on top of a baby wipe. 

So I asked "Elyse what are you doing" in which she responds "My babies tired, they go night night, shhhhh they are sleeping"

Where did this come from?  Then I remembered.  At daycare they lay on mats at nap time.  So the bottom wipe is the mat and the top wipe is the blanket.  Makes sense to me.

Crazy kid.


  1. How lucky that she has so many babies to love! Very sweet. I'm your newest follower:) Come see me at (I have boy/girl twins too..they are 11 now:)

  2. i think this is very cute :)

    following from friday stalker, would love a follow back