Monday, September 19

Going to the Park

Ok, so apparently we live at the park.  Whenever there is free time, we go to the park. Its gotten to the point where I pick them up from daycare and they both yell "Lets go Park Mommy,  Castle Park, Castle Park"  Its free and it lets the kids run around like crazy and get some energy out.  Who likes to be locked up in the house all day?  Not me, thats for sure.  It is a win win.

Anyway, this weekend, we found ourselves at the park on a couple of occasions.  They discovered the tire swing for the first time.  It was hilarious watching them swing back and forth, trying to get off and on while trying to help each other.

*Notice UT Jerseys, Hook em Horns \m/*

So the next day, they were going crazy and squealing like banchees so I took them back.  As you can see, she refused to take off her TuTu.  Who does it really harm?  It is not a battle I want to fight so she wore it to the park.

I then got them to find some sticks so they could ring the bells.  This is what Cole grabbed.

Stick, no.  He grab a small tree limb.

After playing for a bit, they discovered that at the bottom of the stairs there were holes.  And they could put the sticks (well the mulch or whatever that stuff is) in the holes until they were full.

They literally sat here, filling the holes, for about 40 minutes.

Im starting to consider getting them a box for Christmas, they will be entertained for hours.

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