Friday, March 11

Bye Bye Kitty

If you know me at all, you know I love fun socks.  The brighter and the more obnoxious, the better.  I have been slowly bringing the kids into my obsession since they could fit into socks.  If you remember awhile back, I was super excited to find bright socks for both of them.  Bottom line, I LOVE fun socks.

Oh sweet Elyse, our baby parrot.  We talk, she repeats.  Shes getting to the point where she remembers what and where things are which is great, until she pops off about stinky farts in public or how she poo-ed on the floor and decides to tell a cashier about it.

Every morning, I get them dressed, grab a pair of socks out of the bin and put their shoes on.  Today, I grabbed a pair of pink socks with Hello Kitty on them.  Think this but about 20 heads on each sock with hot pink toes and heals.

Cute, I know.  The parrot speaks.

Mommy, socks.
Yes, Elyse
Mommy, kitty?
Yes, its Hello Kitty.
She looks down at her toes and says "Ello Kitty" in her best british accent
Ello Kitty
Ello Kitty

At this point, Im putting her shoe on and she says this:

Kitty bye bye
Bye Bye Kitty

She then lifts her pant leg, so she can see the top of her socks.

Ello Kitty

Lowers pant leg

Bye Bye Kitty

I dont think she understood that Hello Kitty is the name of the character, not that she should say Hi to her socks.


  1. Haha too cute. I loved it. Happy Friday. New follower :). Hope you have a great weekend.


  2. Lol that's so cute. I love hello kitty!

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  4. omgosh that is too cute!

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