Friday, March 18

Working from home shouldnt be exhausting

Before I start, let me say this.  I love my kids more than I ever thought I could and would drop everything to doing anything for them

Now saying that, the two of them are driving my batty.  The last two days, I have had to work from home due to daycare being closed (long story)  Being at home should be too hard right?  Its not , really, until my little munchkins turned into Houdinis.

Here is how the last two days have gone.  Ill start with yesterday.  I was woken up by a faint "Mommy, mommy (smack on face) MOMMY"  She was standing next to my head.  I leaped 30 feet in the air.  As of now, they both are still in their cribs and have not figured out how to climb out yet.  I also have recently watched Paranormal Activity 2, if youve seen it, youll understand. So after my freak out, we headed to 'work'  Breakfast was fed and the kids were happy and entertaining themselves.  They then found the cat bowl and dumped it in its entirety.  After that, they found the cabinet with storage bags.  There were about 300 sand which bags all over the floor with two of them saying uh-oh mommy.  They ate lunch and went down for a nap.  When they were up, I opened the door and found her naked.  She will not keep clothes on.  They then ran up and down the stairs, around tables, and anywhere else their little legs would take them.

Not so bad right?

That brings me to today.
Morning started off the same, but I didnt leap 30ft out of bed again.  Breakfast, headed to 'work'  Once I got here, Elyse started saying "Hunny, hunny"  So I popped them in the highchair and gave them applesauce.  I ran upstairs and began work.  Then I hear it.  "We did it, we did it, we did it" Damn you Dora.  Just after I hear that I hear, OH NO COLE and giggles.  I run downstairs and find that they have both dumped applesauce on their hands, stripped down to diapers and were dancing.  Great and I change them and put them in their blocked off playroom.  A little bit later I hear silence then giggles.  I run downstairs and see this:

That would be their kitchen flipped over with Elyse sitting on it like a potty with her pants down.  What is the white stuff you ask?  Oh its a box a wipes they found and took out one by one and then used them as a blanket.

In there Cole, in there, and Cole puts more in the "stove"  As I grab for one she says, No mommy, nose and she blows her nose.  I ask if I can throw it away.  No mommy, its me blanket.

Of coarse it is.

They have also figured out how to un-do the gate, climb over a giant arm chair and 'hide' on the stairs.  Im tired but now they are eating lunch, quietly for now.

I better go check on them before I return to something else that I have to clean up.


  1. Hi, cute blog! ♡ ... So not how to use a kitchen though! :P I found you via the Stalk Hop Friday blog hop and am now following you. I'd love a follow back - ^_^ Thanks!

  2. Such cute photos! New follower from a blog hop! Cheers!