Friday, March 4

A whole new house

Come April, we have been in our house for 3 years.  When we moved in, we knew immediately that some things would change.  The spare bathroom needed to be done right then.  Who super glues paper bags on top of zebra print wall paper to a wall then paints them to add texture then adds the doors back on UPSIDE down?  No, Im not kidding.  The bedroom had to be painted.  Whoever thought that dookie-brown with GOLD GLITTER sprinkled all over the walls was 'classy' must have been a retired stripper. And, no unfortunately, Im not kidding.

These two things, along with paint of the very blah same color walls were painted within the first few months.  Now we are technically DIYers, I guess you have to label it.  BUT not ALL people should be DIYers.  Just because you see it on TV does not mean you can or need to do it to your house.

For example.  In our entry way, the previous owner took it upon themselves to lay tile.  Just tile would have been fine. But in between the tile, you know where the grout should be, they put laminate flooring.  It look like criss cross.  It was ugly but even worse than that it was doen wrong.  Instead of laaying grout on the floor then on the tile then grouting, they super glued the tile to the floor.  No, Im not kidding.  They apparently thought super glue was the answer to all home improvement projects.

So yes, we are DIYers but we know our limits.  Ill pay someone to make it look right.  This brings me to the last two weeks.  Do you remember my post about our sand trap?  Here is why.

Along with the bathroom, the odd paint jobs, and the wonderful super glued tile, they built columns.

Before you go saying, oh I love those, its something different, no one has that in their house, I have said all of this before.  Its part of the reason I liked the house.  Well 3 years and a set of kids later, Im over them.  I wanted them down.  The hubs did not agreed but he did make a deal  to re-do the floors if Rome came down.  So it was set, we were getting new floors.  Here is what our living room/dining room  looked like before.

Such a lovely tile walkway

You can kind of see their creation

Ignore all the kids toys, but can you see how it closes everything off?  So down they came. And by the way, they super glued the bottom of the columns to the carpet. TO THE CARPET No, Im not kidding.

And up the tile, carpet, and whatever you want to call the entry way. Enter dust bowl.

The kids no longer sat at the table, because we moved it to the carpet area unitl it all could be finished.  They ate in the kitchen, not sure if they were fans or not but we made due.

One week later, its a new house. Here's the after.

The carpet goes all the way to the wall like it should

And their creation is gone

Feel free to oooh and ahh at any time.
Ive got to get the pictures back on the wall, its driving me nuts, even if the husband would like to keep it this way.

So whats next?
It all depends on $ becuase the rest costs too much (Gut kitchen, re-do floors in kitchen, re-do main bathroom)  We will probly re-organize the closets next.

And no Im not kidding.

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  1. Allison MaroulesMarch 4, 2011 at 2:09 PM

    Looks great Heather. Ya'll worked hard.