Thursday, March 24

Mother Nature is a B

To be honest, I havnt taken many pictures the last couple of days.  Im a slacker, I know.  So today, Im going to talk write about working out with hormones.

To sum it up, it sucks balls.  The last couple of months I have been 'training' for my first half marathon.  I use training loosely because, lets face it, life happens.  I started off really well and didnt miss a run.  Then I got sick and was laid up in bed for a week.  When I could breath again, I started running again.  Then my monthly visitor comes and BOOM Im done.  Between the cramps, soreness, bulging boobs, belatedness, headaches and just plain uncomfortable I dont do much running right before I start.  Its like running with cantaloupes attached to your chest that are rock hard and knives going in your ovaries while trying to keep up a pace.  It does not work, at least for me.  So the past 2 months its been this, run, sick, cramps, run, sick-ish, cramps, run.  Its been a pain in the ass to say the least. 

About 2 weeks ago, I told myself,  no more missing runs.  Stop slacking , you can do this.  Then life happened again.  The kids got sick, work got hectic, I got wore out.  So I skipped some runs and rested.  I know I shouldnt have but I did. Taking care of my kids was more important and getting some sleep was much needed. I still ran 9 miles on Saturdays, except once when I only ran 5, so I know I hanvt lost EVERYTHING Ive worked for the last 3 months, but its still disappointing in my mind.  Its as though I gave up on myself but I didnt, make any sense?

This brings me to this week.  Of course Mother Nature wants to rear her ugly head the week before my half.  So my patterns starts:  I got the poops (TMI sorry but its reality), complete soreness, migraines, rock hard boobs that make it impossible for ANY sports bra to fit, and cramps.  Its Thursday and I am scheduled to run 13.1 miles on Sunday.  Im flipping nervous that nature will take over and shut my body down, it wouldnt be the first time that this has happened.  So what can I do?

I ran an easy 4.5 miles on Tuesday and did Yoga last night.  I think it helped.  The cramps have buried themselves, for now and Im not aching.  For this reason, Im hooked to Yoga, its better than any pill you can take.  I am going to run a short run tonight and tomorrow and rest on Saturday. 

I can only hope that my fears, nervousness and Mother Nature will disappear before Sunday.  If not, Im sure there will be tears along the way.

Wait, who am I kidding?  There be tears, of joy, WHEN I finish it and thats all I can really hope for.


  1. Good Luck! I know how you feel. I never used to have any period related issues. Then I had my youngest and now, I know at least a week ahead of time, sooner if my mood is a signal.

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